Did You Know There's A Crisis In Nicaragua?

If you’re not up to speed, a crisis was sparked on April 18 when pro-government forces violently crushed a small demonstration against announced social security changes that would raise workers’ contributions and cut pensions for retirees.

Props To Josh Anderson, Our Guatemala Importer

Props To Josh Anderson, Our Guatemala Importer

Just a quick note of congratulations to Josh Anderson, whose South Carolina-based company Cafe Intencional is the one responsible for getting our signature Guatemala coffee into the U.S.

One of the coffees that Josh is importing this year — a washed bourbon from Finca San Rafael Urias in the Antigua region — placed at the country's recent Cup Of Excellence competition. (You can see the full results here.)

We love partnering with Josh and his company, but it has more to do with the heart he has for the...

New Coffee! From Ethiopia!

New Coffee! From Ethiopia!

It's now available on our site, and for every pound we roast, we're helping school kids in the nearby community of Altea Wondo eat a healthy lunch.

Christmas Gift Boxes Now Available!

Coffee makes a great Christmas gift, and we think our gift boxes are the perfect way to say Merry Christmas!

This year's gift boxes are $45 and include two 12oz bags of coffee (one Guatemala, one Nicaragua), two 16 oz. Connect coffee mugs and a bar of locally made artisan coffee soap.

These gift boxes are currently available for local pickup and delivery in the Kankakee, Ill., area. We have some custom options available if you want to tweak the items that are included in the box (ex. subtract a mug, add a coffee sample, etc.)....

How to do Business Development at SCA Expo

How to do Business Development at SCA Expo

If you’re headed to the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in hopes of growing your new business, you’re going to the right place. Expo is the coffee industry’s biggest event of the year and the perfect opportunity to do biz dev, whether that’s finding customers, sourcing from new suppliers, starting conversations around potential partnerships or even getting feedback for projects you’re working on.

I did exactly that this year. We launched our company, Connect Roasters, in September 2016 and we were (and still are!) much too young and too small to consider getting a booth at Expo and being...