New Coffee! From Ethiopia!

New Coffee! From Ethiopia!

Hi friends! 

I'm excited to announce that we have added a new coffee to our online shop, and this one is from Ethiopia.

We've been roasting Ethiopian coffees exclusively for our wholesale partners and special events, but this coffee has been such a hit that we want to make it available to everyone. So we are!

This is the type of coffee I get most excited about selling and serving because so many people get excited about drinking it. It's the perfect bean for those who prefer the lighter side of coffee: fruity notes over earthiness, brighter over bolder.

Ethiopia certainly has a rich history with coffee. It's commonly known as the birthplace of coffee and has been exporting it, historians believe, since the 1600s. No other country has more varieties of the coffee plant or can offer a wider range of flavors.

Here's what you should know about this one: It's from Guji, which borders the better-known Yirgacheffe and Sidama regions. It's naturally processed and dried on raised beds (see video above), and the fruitiness in this coffee is over the top. You can smell it before you grind it and even before we roast it. And then when you do grind it, the fragrance is almost overwhelming. Some days it's like strawberries; other days, blueberries. And every day, it's delicious.

Perhaps what I'm most excited about, though, is the project that we're going to support. With every pound of Ethiopian coffee we roast, we're helping school kids in the nearby community of Aleta Wondo eat a healthy lunch. We're partnering with Common River, and one pound = $1 for the school lunch program they run.

Common River started a community development program in Aleta Wando a decade ago by building a primary school. One of the issues they face is poor school attendance, which causes poor academic performance. Hungry kids are more likely to miss school, but the good news is that Common River is already feeding 1 in 5 students at its school in Aleta Wondo. Let's make it 5 in 5!

So how much of an impact will this coffee make? Just $2 dollars will feed one student for a day. We'd love it if you joined the cause. That's why we'll ship your coffee for free if you buy two bags or more. That'll ensure Common River can help one more of the community's most vulnerable children.

You can purchase the coffee here.

Drink coffee. Improve lives.

Let's do it together. 

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