How We're Helping In Guatemala During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected different parts of the world in different ways.

In much of Central America, for example, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have been more strict than the ones in the U.S. Those restrictions, coupled with less developed health care systems, has created a unique set of problems, particularly in more rural communities.

As a result, our giveback partner in Guatemala, Mision El Faro, has been working with its state government to deliver food packages to families in need in the communities it serves. One such community is a group of volunteer firefighters who have lost their primary jobs.

Thanks to your purchase of coffee, Connect Roasters has been able to donate 15 daysโ€™ worth of food to these 15 volunteer firefighters and their families.

Last week, a group from El Faro traveled by boat from its home base to nearby Puerto Barrios to deliver these food packages, meet these firefighters and listen to their stories. Thanks to the work of El Faro, these firefighters will be able to continue to serve the local fire department and protect their communities despite losing their day jobs.

This type of service is at the heart of our mission at Connect Roasters, so thank you for supporting what we do. We've always believed that coffee can help change the world โ€” and right now itโ€™s bringing comfort to people who are hurting.

Together, we can do our part one cup at a time.

Drink Coffee. Empower Communities.

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