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Through My Eyes Blend - Patrick Vale Artist Collab

Through My Eyes Blend - Patrick Vale Artist Collab

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The Through My Eyes Blend is a tribute to Chicago Cubs fans and the life they breathe into Wrigley Field — an atmosphere unlike any other!

It's a collaboration with everyone's favorite coffee-making all-star, Ian Happ, and artist Patrick Vale, who was commissioned by Ian for a series of artwork called "Through My Eyes" to give fans unique perspectives of Wrigley Field, specifically views of the stadium through the eyes of players.

The Through My Eyes project started in 2019 with three of Vale's freehand drawings of Wrigley made available as prints. Now, Vale is doing a one-month residency at the Gallery Victor in Chicago to showcase his work, and he calls his "See What I See" installation there a love letter to Chicago baseball and the Cubs.

This packaging features one of Vale's sketches of Ian at the plate. Call it poetry in motion.

This is a juicy medium roast from the Nicaraguan farm of Doña Guadalupe, whose coffee has a distinctive sweet peach note thanks to the combination of red and yellow catuai varietals and the naturally occurring yeasts found on her farm.

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