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Connect Roasters

Quarantine Coffee

Quarantine Coffee

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Connect Roasters is teaming up with Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ to help front-line workers and children who have been affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together we're launching Quarantine Coffee for COVID Relief β€” which donates $3 of every bag sold of our delicious single-origin Guatemalan medium roast to organizations that are providing essential aid to the people who need it most.

We've always believed that coffee can change the world β€” so we knew it could help bring comfort to the countless number of people hurting right now.

Ian is a coffee connoisseur and particular about what he drinks. We connected first over our love of coffee but soon started brainstorming ways we could work together to give back during this difficult time.

The coffee is a medium roast from Finca Santa Clara, grown in the Acatenango Valley in Guatemala. Not far from Antigua, it’s a region that features dense shade, high altitudes and volcanoes that create mineral-rich soil β€” a combination that allows farmers to produce coffees that are balanced and clean.

We’ve been there, and we believe it's a great representation of what coffee from this part of the world can taste like. In the cup, we taste notes of milk chocolate and nuts.

Thank you for supporting our work! Together we can do our part one cup at a time.

Farm: Godoy Estate, Finca Santa Clara
Varietal(s): Bourbon and Caturra
Process: Washed and Sun Dried
Importer: Direct Trade

    All Connect Roasters coffees are packaged in a heat-sealed, foil-lined bag equipped with a one-way degassing valve and zip-lock top, all of which help keep coffee fresher longer.

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