Home Run Club FAQs

When does my coffee ship?

On whatever date you sign up, that will be the date that your monthly order is processed. We aim to ship your coffee no later than 2 business days after your order is processed.

If your order processes on the 5th of each month, for example, we aim to have the coffee shipped to you by the 7th.

How do I swap my coffee?

When you signed up for your Home Run Club subscription, you received an email that included a link to access your subscription.

Click that link — or email us if you can’t find it and we’ll resend it to you.

Choose EDIT, then PRODUCT, then SWAP PRODUCT. Then select the new coffee that you would like to receive. Just make sure the coffee you swap in is a Home Run Club coffee.

If you have any trouble, please email us at contact@connectroasters.com.

How do Dinger Dollars work?

Each time that Ian hits a home run, Members receive $5 Dinger Dollars, which are worth $5 toward product on our site. The morning after each HR, Members receive an email with a unique code which can be redeemed for $5 off any non-subscription purchase of $20 or more.

Codes are “stackable” — meaning you can use multiple on the same purchase, but each one must be used within 30 days of issue. Please make sure you enter all of your codes on the cart page (shown below) instead of the checkout page. The cart page accepts multiple codes; due to limitations of the app that we are using, the checkout page will only accept one.

How do I get free shipping?

Enter your free shipping code — which is included in each Home Run Club email — on the cart page (before the checkout page).

How do I access the exclusive bundle drops?

At 10 a.m. on the first Friday of each month, Members have access to exclusive merch and coffee bundles, products not available to non-subscription customers. Examples of products we’ve sold include game-used bats, batting gloves and cleats — all autographed by Ian.

These products are “dropped” — meaning that they go live on our site at exactly 10 a.m. — and they always sell out very quickly. They are available on a first come, first served basis, but if you miss out on one, there will always be another one next month.

Members will receive an email the week of the drop with a preview of the items available and a secret link that will allow them to access the items on that Friday.

Why am I not receiving the Home Run Club emails?

Sometimes our emails end up in spam/junk folders. Check there first. If you are still not receiving them, please send an email to contact@connectroasters.com and we’ll confirm you’re on the list.